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Meet 30,000 Crocodiles Pet an Elephant
Replenish you Adrenalin Be Pampered
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Day Trips Close to Hazyview
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Blue Lizard


Perry's Bridge Reptile Park
View some of South Africa and the world's most venomous snakes in park-like enclosures, designed to emulate the animals' natural environment. Species include anacondas, pythons, black & green mambas, rattlesnakes, boomslang, gaboon adders, cobras, poison dart frogs, iguanas, the ancient leopard tortoises, the huge Nile crocodiles, as well as many colourful lizards and frogs.

The gardens are a bird haven attracting many local species such as the spectacular purple crested touracos and resident woodland kingfishers.

Location  R536 turn-off to Sabie
(at Perry's Bridge Trading Post)
GPS   25° 02' 09"S | 31° 07' 30"E
Times  10:00 to 17:00 - daily
Venomous Snakes Demo: 11:00 & 15:00 daily
Understanding Constrictors: 12:00 & 16:00 daily
Croc Feeding every Sunday at 14:00
Rates  R130/adult, R80/kid <13 years, <5 years free
Booking  013 764-3399, or 082 332-5591


Poison Dart Frog



Nile crocodile


Seronera Crocodile Farm
Seronera Crocodile Farm is home to nearly 30,000 Nile crocodiles. This farm has been operational for over 30 years and is CITES registered. It is farms like this that have allowed the Nile crocodile to no longer be on the CITES endangered species list, thanks to closely regulated farming practices.

A working farm that offers a memorable opportunity to view thousands of crocodiles on a farm which is beautifully treed and has an abundant birdlife. Book a 90 minute guided tour to view thousands of Nile crocodiles in their natural environment. As this is a working farm, comfortable walking shoes are advised. Not wheelchair friendly. Minimum of 2 people, maximum of 10 people. Tours strictly by prior booking only.

Location  Off R40, 1.7km from Hazyview CBD
Times  Daily at 09:30 and 15:30
(flexible by prior arrangement)
Rates  R300/adult, R150/child <12 years
Children under 6 years for free
Booking  013 764-3399, or 082 332-5591



Nile crocodiles



Shangana Cultural Village
Guided tours of an authentic Shangaan village.  Experience the different facets of the Shangaan way of life, including their history and customs, initiation ceremonies, the practice of polygamy, the outfits and weapons of masocho (warriors), the construction of homes, ornate beadwork clothing, and the preparation of food. Guests are encouraged to touch, feel and participate in what is happening in the village, and the guide will explain the necessary etiquette to ensure the privacy of the family is not disturbed. You even get to consult the resident Sangoma (traditional healer).

Location  R535 towards Graskop
(5km from Hazyview)
GPS   25° 00' 35"S | 31° 05' 29"E
Times  Daytime Tours: 09:00 - 16:00 on the hour - daily
Midday Tours: By prior arrangement
Midday Festival: 11:00 to 14:00
Evening Festival: 17:00 to 20:00 
per person
Daytime Tour = R220
Daytime Tour = R360 (Dance or Choir)
Daytime Tour = R400 (Interactive Drumming)
Tour & Lunch = R468
Tour & Lunch = R577.50 (Dance or Choir)
Tour & Lunch = R577.50 (Interactive Drumming)
Midday Festival = R620 (Dance or Choir)
Midday Festival = R710 (Lunch, Dance or Choir)
Evening Festival = R620 (Full Show)
Evening Festival = R710 (Full Show and Dinner)
Minimum and Maximum number of visitors apply to some Tours/Events. Please confirm group sizes. Children (4 - 12 years) at half price.
Booking  013 764-3399, or 082 332-5591


Elephant Sanctuary
 Rescued African elephants that have gained trust through unique reward based training. Get to touch, feel, feed, and walk trunk-in-hand with these magnificent animals. Rates for kids are from ages 4 to 14 years.

Location   Next to Casa Do Sol Hotel
(8km from Hazyview)
GPS   25° 02' 55"S | 31° 04' 49"E
Times  Trunk-in-Hand: 08:00, 10:00, 13:00 & 15:00
Elephant Brush Down: 07:30
Half Day Experience: 15:00 to 17:00
Full Day Experience: 07:30 to 17:00
Rates; Trunk-in-Hand: R720/adult, R345/kid
Elephant Brush Down: R915/adult, R480/kid
Half Day Experience: R1,030/adult, R685/kid
    (tea/coffee & muffin included)
Full Day Experience: R2,060/adult, R1,370/kid
    (tea/coffee, snack & finger lunch included)
Booking  013 764-3399, or 082 332-5591

Elephant Whispers
Elephants that were rescued from planned culling operations in game reserves by Elephants for Africa Forever. Experienced elephant handlers will share their in-depth knowledge of fascinating elephant behaviour.

Location  R40 towards Graskop
(2km from Hazyview) 
GPS   24° 55' 01"S | 30° 50' 47"E
Times  Interaction: 09:00, 12:00, 16:00 (1 hour)
Interaction & Walk: 09:00, 12:00, 16:00 (1½h)
Interaction & Ride: 09:00, 12:00, 16:00 (1½h)
Interaction, & Lunch: 12:00-13:30 + lunch
Sunset Interaction: 16:00-17:45
Ultimate Experience & Picnic: 12:00-14:00
Half Day with Elephants: 07:00-13:30
Full Day with Elephants: 07:00-17:30
Rates  Interaction: R550/adult, R275/kid
Interaction & Walk: R900/adult, R450/kid
Interaction & Ride: R1,250/adult, R625/kid
Interaction & Lunch: R1,500/adult, R750/kid
Sunset Interaction, Ride & Sundowner: R1,500/adult, R750/kid
Ultimate Experience & Picnic: R2,580/adult, R1,290/kid
Half Day with Elephants: R3,000/adult, R1,500/kid
Full Day with Elephants: R3,800/adult, no under 12s
Booking  013 764-3399, or 082 332-5591

Adventure Activities
Hazyview offers a wide range of adventure activities ranging from mild to wild for all age groups.

Take to the air in a hot air balloon, a helicopter or a micro light aircraft.....

Or experience the crystal clear waters of the Sabie River in a raft or a tube.....

Shoot a few arrows, go on horseback, or speed through the forests on a quad bike .....

Play a relaxing round of Golf - see our Golfing Page

For more adventure activities,
see our Adventure Page


Health Spas

Revitalize your body
Shake off the city stress
Be pampered with a massage

See our Health Spa Page




Summerfields Rose Farm
The owners had a vision to create an environment where active farming and hospitality can happily co-exist. They established a greenhouse for the cultivation of long stem export quality, hybrid tea roses from French cultivars. The different rose varieties are cultivated with the utmost precision and tedious dedication to perfection. These flowers are sold not only on the farm, but also at Summerfields outlets in White River.

They also produce their own natural extract rose perfume, Summerfields by Ilse. Each 22ml bottle is hand-blown by leading Worcester glass artist, David Reade.

Gourmet restaurant, Summerfields Kitchen, as well as a health spa on the premises.

Location   R536 towards Sabie, 4.5 km from Hazyview
GPS  25° 02' 25"S | 31° 05' 01"E
Times 11:00 (Monday to Saturday)
Rates   R150.00 per person
(includes a light lunch and fruit juice)
Booking   013 764-3399, or 082 332-5591


Hazyview Junction Mall
Perry's Bridge Trading Post
Lowveld Mall
There are three major shopping hot spots in Hazyview: 

     Hazyview Junction Mall

     Perry's Bridge Trading Post

     Lowveld Mall

For more info, see our dedicated Shopping Page


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